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Portable Air Cleaners

Portable air cleaners are compact, stand-alone appliances designed to keep the particulate levels of an enclosed space low.

In general, there are three main types of air cleaners available in the market. They are:

a) Ionisers- which impart negative charge to the particles that subsequently stick to surrounding surfaces or are filtered out;

b) Electronic air cleaners- which removes particles by electrostatic precipitation; and

c) High Efficiency Particulate Absolute or HEPA- air cleaners which remove particles by mechanical filtration and diffusion.

Some portable air cleaners come with a combination of the above features.

Several models of air cleaners have been found to be able to reduce the level of fine particles in a typical bedroom to an acceptable level during a smoke haze, such as that experienced by Singapore in 1997.

For more information, please view the List of Portable Air Cleaners (For Smoke Haze) and Suppliers.

The listed air cleaners will be able to provide adequate protection to a typical HDB bedroom with its doors and windows closed, except for occasional opening and closing of doors. Doors and windows should be opened up occasionally, or at least once a day, to ventilate the room.

For the purpose of smoke haze protection, it is useful to know the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) which means the amount of clean air that a device can produce for a room. A higher CADR indicates greater ability to return clean air to the room. Knowing the CADR, as well as the room size where the air cleaner is to be installed will allow consumers to make an informed purchasing decision. On the purchase of air cleaner, buyers are advised to speak with the suppliers to obtain detailed product information in ensuring the suitability of the air cleaner to meet individual household needs.